College of Wooster Athletic Mission

Through the unique contribution of the programs of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation, our mission is to provide the men and women of The College of Wooster the opportunity for growth and development in their intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual lives.

Intercollegiate athletics are an integral part of Wooster’s educational program, and our principal goal is that they reflect the College’s values and contribute to the development of our student-athletes. Intercollegiate athletics at The College of Wooster provide students with the opportunity to participate in sports in an environment in which the student-athlete’s athletic participation is conducted as an integral part of the educational experience. The purpose of the intercollegiate athletic program is therefore no different than that of any academic program, i.e. to achieve the highest possible standard of excellence. For athletics, this means that the ultimate goal of each of the varsity sports (currently numbering 23, 11 for men and 12 for women) is to provide students with an opportunity to improve their physical and mental well being through athletic participation.

Intercollegiate athletic competition takes place in the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC), comprised of 10 national liberal arts colleges espousing academic and athletic principles similar to Wooster’s. Wooster and the NCAC, as members of Division III of the NCAA, place highest priority on the “overall quality” of the educational experience and supporting student-athletes in their efforts to reach high levels of athletic performance and achievement.

Wooster is concerned with the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of its students, and thus we believe that our intercollegiate programs should foster such characteristics as self-discipline, physical conditioning, teamwork, respect for competitors, and pride in achievement. Because these values are of equal significance to men and women, our athletic program should strive to provide equal opportunity and encouragement to all student-athletes.

Finally, as in all other activities, we wish to strive for excellence and would like our athletic programs to remain competitive with those of comparable academic institution.

As with other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, intercollegiate sports must fit into the overall programs of the College. The academic program is primary, and while cases of unavoidable conflict may arise, we should always be prepared to deal with each case individually. Intercollegiate athletics should in spirit and in practice complement rather than compete with the academic program. In presenting the College to prospective students and in scheduling and conducting our intercollegiate programs, we must recognize the intellectual development fostered by the academic program as the central concern of the institution. Student-athletes are above all students and should place the obligations of the academic program ahead of other commitments. It is this sense of the institution’s priorities that the College expects member of the Physical Education Department to encourage with the students in their athletic programs.

The College of Wooster Intercollegiate Athletic Program:

  • places a high priority on being a positive contribution to the overall quality of the educational experience, and on playing an important role in the successful completion of the student-athlete’s academic program.
  • believes in encouraging participation by providing a large number and variety of athletic opportunities for all students.
  • emphasizes the mental welfare of all student-athletes, and believes that the actions of student-athletes, coaches, and administrators should exhibit fairness, openness, honesty, and positives societal attitudes.
  • strives to protect the health of and provide a safe environment for each of its student-athletes.
  • seeks to provide athletic participation in a setting that values and provides gender equity and diversity among its athletic programs, student-athletes, and staff.
  • attempts to provide all teams with adequate and appropriate competitive opportunities, giving primary emphasis to conference and regional competition, but when appropriate, will support student-athletes in their efforts to reach high levels of performance in activities such as national championships.  

The objective of the Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation is to permit each student:

  • To develop through competitive experience the values and standards of conduct inherent to fair play and amateur competition as defined by the NCAA legislation.
  • To strive for excellence in both academic and athletic endeavors.
  • To develop responsibility for one’s own well being, as well as the well being of others.
  • To assure that athletics participants are not treated differently from other members of the student body.
  • To provide equitable athletic opportunities for males and females and give equal emphasis to men and women’s sports. To support ethnic and gender diversity for all constituents.
  • To give primary emphasis to in-season competition, conference, and post-season championships.
  • To achieve mastery and satisfaction in using the body as an instrument of creative expression within the framework of the activity involved.
  • To become more proficient in one or more activities which give personal satisfaction and enjoyment and serve as leisure time resources during and beyond college.
  • To acquire and maintain the level of fitness required meeting the needs and emergencies of daily living.
  • To develop a well-posed and coordinated body, the ability to move efficiently with understanding and appreciation of skilled movement.
  • To develop through specific classes and through class and practice procedures a better sense of accident prevention and personal safety.