Need Help?

The following links are a resource for information or prompt attention to your questions or concerns.

Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation:
I have a question or concern about the athletic department or staff
I have an NCAA compliance question
I would like to be involved with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
I need to see an Athletic Trainer concerning a sport injury
I am thinking about transferring to another institution, what do I do?
What is the policy on Recognized Academic Conflicts?
Who are the Faculty Athletic Reps?
I have a question about athletic and/or recreation participation of transgender students, staff, faculty, and visitors
I would like to be involved with club sports and/or associations

Security and Protective Services:
I need to report a crime
I need to anonymously report a crime
What are the “blue light” emergency phones?
Who are the security officers?

Need help with a matter of discrimination or harassment:
Report confidentially to any of the following to ensure prompt attention to your report:
Director of Athletics
Senior Woman Administrator
Title IX Coordinator
Department Chair of Athletics Inclusion Committee
Faculty Athletic Representative
Dean of Faculty Development
Get Help - Report a Concern
Submit a report of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and/or sexual misconduct

Academic Affairs:
Who is the Dean of Curriculum & Academic Engagement?
What are the Academic Policies?
What is the policy on Recognized Academic Conflicts?
I need to drop a class
I need to add a class

Counseling Services:
I need to speak with a counselor
What are the hours of operations?
Where are the counselors located?
I want to anonymously screen my mental health
I want to join a grief group

Health & Wellness Services:
What medical services are available at Longbrake Wellness Center?
What are the hours of operation?
Where is the Longbrake Wellness Center located?
Is there a nutritionist on campus?

Academic Services:
I need an academic advisor
I need help with time management
I need to cultivate study strategies
I would like to have a peer mentor

Dean of Students:
Who is the Dean of Students?
I have a question about clubs and other student programs
I would like to know my academic standing
I would like to withdraw from The College of Wooster

Center for Diversity & Inclusion:
What is the Mission and Vision of the CDI?
What is Safe Zone Ally Training?
What programs are offered?  

Student Employment:
Do I qualify for student employment?
How can I get a job on campus?

How do I set up my wireless internet?
Where can I access my email?
My computer doesn’t work