Wooster Ticket Information

All regular season varsity sports games, except football and men's and women's baskketball are free to the public, thus do not require tickets. Ticket prices for football and men's and women's basketball are as follows:

General Admission:

Adult $6.00
Student/Youth $4.00

Reserved Seating (not applicable for women's basketball):

Adult $8.00
Student/Youth $5.00

Season Tickets:

Football: The 2015 college football season is right around the corner, and we are looking forward to an exciting season with head coach Frank Colaprete and the Fighting Scots team. If you are interested in supporting our football program by purchasing season tickets please contact Cassidy Wertman at cwertman@wooster.edu or call (330) 263-2286. Season tickets are $40 per seat which includes admission to all five home games. For every season ticket seat you purchase, you can receive a second seat free of charge. We are unable to accept credit card payments. We accept only local checks or cash.

Men's Basketball: Season ticket details for the 2015-16 season will be released once the schedule is finalized.

Accept only cash/check/money order. No credit cards. Contact Cassidy Wertman at (330) 263-2286 for more specific information. Costs for all NCAC Tournament and NCAA Div. III Championship games are determined by the Conference or NCAA.