College of Wooster Cheerleaders

Football Cheerleader Squad

2013 Football Squad

Front row, left to right:
Joan Zekan, Allie Stout, Vanessa Logan, Maya Jones, Emily Neuhof, Danielle Shepherd

Middle row, left to right:
Briana Marlatt, Taylor Funderburk, Chloe Wallace, Danielle Tooley, Ashanti Wallace

Back row, left to right:
Ama Addo, Ariel Miller, Zoe Hostetler, Casey Wade, Zoe Cunningham-Cook, Advisor MarTeze Hammonds
(Not pictured: Raianne Demetrius)


Cheerleader Squad
2012-13 Basketball Squad

Front row, left to right:

Casey Wade, Amo Addo, Maya Jones, Emily Neuhoff, Vanessa Logan, Mahoko Waga

Back row, left to right:
Jenna Hohan, Zoe Cunningham-Cook, Kaelah Selby, Allie Stout, Sha-Reeka Hester, Mariam Kamara, Brittany Braun

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We are a spirited group that cheers on the men's football and basketball teams. Activites during games include, stunting, jumping, tumbling, and leading the crowd in cheers.

Coach/Advisor: MarTeze Hammonds,